We are a London based company and fortunate enough to work on some amazing projects around the outskirts of the M25 and the city of London, but it has not to stop us from accepting work from our valued clients out of London. 

We like to be seen by our clients as the preferred contractor of choice based on trust, reinsurance, and customer satisfaction.

We aim to make our services absolutely client focused, developing most of our business around the good word of mouth and long term working relationships; the more time you work with someone, the better understanding you have of what they’re looking for and how best to deliver it. We’re proud that many of our clients we work with have ultimately asked us to be involved in the construction or refurbishment of their homes and award-winning developments.

Our vision to be Leaders in Customer Service and Performance

  • Having great people in high performing teams;
  • Forming long-term partnerships with customers;
  • Consistently delivering leading-edge performance;
  • Creating a positive legacy in the communities and the environment in which we live and work

We are very hands-on – throughout the company – and our directors and senior managers are always deeply involved. We have great respect for the trades and great relationships with the professions. Clients, employees and sub-contractors appreciate our direct, no-nonsense approach.

Where we work

Combining our broad geographic reach with local knowledge and delivery, we can provide you with the extensive resources you demand anywhere in London and near it.


We are here for you

What sets us apart is our can-do attitude and culture which enables us not only to deliver a project but surpass customer expectations, ensuring a positive and fulfilling customer journey. It is this determination to deliver that has seen IP Builder Brickwork grow into a highly successful, respected Company.

Good company

We’re only as good as the company we keep, and so we’re delighted that most of our current projects result from repeat business.

Our long-standing customer relationships demonstrate our commitment to industry-leading performance and customer service and the trust our customers have in IP Builders Brickwork on their important projects.

Of course, everyone claims to be great but not all construction groups are the same. Here are just a few nice comments that we’ve received from clients over the years.

“We are determined not only to provide a top-quality product, on time and at low cost but also to ensure that our customers experience a positive and fulfilling customer journey.”

Health and Safety

In construction work, accidents are prone to happen due to the nature of this work. We
value our workers, supervisors and clients whenever you come to oversee progress. Safety
of every stakeholder on the construction site is our number one priority. Some of the
hazards at a brickwork construction site are; Slips and falls, electrical shocks, cave-in of
walls, high temperatures and excessive dust and chemicals. We believe in prevention by
taking safety precautions which can help minimize accidents.

What we specialize in?

  • Large scale commercial developments
  • Large scale commercial developments
  • High rise developments
  • Private homes and estates
  • Groundwork and foundations

Our long and varied experience enables us to offer a range of services.

Project Work

  • Labour only project
  • Labour and mortar projects
  • Brick slips & brick cladding systems.
  • Block work for new built
  • General construction projects
  • Ground work construction

Ground works

  • Foundations and preparations for new built
  • Installation of drainage for new built
  • Excavation works

Restoration of brickwork

  • Brick cleaning
  • Extensive experience with lime mortars
  • Glazed brickwork and architectural masonry
  • Repointing is a key part in property maintenance, often neglected until its actually causing a problem.
  • Masonry support systems

Professional Services

  • Pre-tender advice on masonry construction methods
  • Engineering and material proposal advice
  • Professional estimating service producing detailed quotes and cost plan information
  • Full supply and fix packages


  • Developers and architects are ensuring all new builds and refurbishment of existing building utilize natural sources of energy, fitting insulation to conserve energy.
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